SciNeGHE 2001
8th Workshop on Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-ray Experiments
Gamma-ray Astrophysics in the Multimessenger context
Trieste, 2010, September 8 -10

Scientific program

Wednesday September 8, 2010

08.15 Registration Opening

10.15 Welcome addresses

Space Gamma Ray Astrophysics
10.30History of High Energy AstrophysicsG.Kanbachpdf
10.55Fermi Space Telescope HighlightsW.B.Atwoodpdf
11.20AGILE HighlightsM.Tavanipdf
11.45The Fermi Gamma-ray burst monitor: Results from the first two yearsE.Bissaldipdf
12.00Search for coincidences with GW detectorsA.Vicerèpdf
12.25The Planck missionC.Baccigalupipdf

12.50 Lunch break

Gamma Ray Astrophysics from Ground -- Operating telescopes
14.15The MAGIC Telescopes - Status and Recent ResultsS.Klepserpdf
14.40The gamma-ray sky seen with H.E.S.S.F.Volpepdf
15.05Results from VERITASG.Maierpdf
15.30Highlights from the ARGO-YBJ experimentG.Di Sciasciopdf
15.50The Cygnus Region at 20 TeV: Results from MilagroG.Sinnispdf

16.10 Coffee break

Astroparticle Experiments
16.35PAMELA: measurements of matter and antimatter in spaceN.De Simonepdf
17.00The AMS-02 StatusA.Olivapdf
17.25Results from the Auger ObservatoryG.Matthiaepdf
17.50First results of the ANTARES neutrino telescopeR.Coniglionepdf
18.15Multi-messenger Astrophysics with IceCubeM.Ribordypdf
18.40Searches for Neutrino Point Sources with the IceCube ObservatoryM.Bakerpdf
New Experiments
18.55Acoustic detection of UHE neutrinos: status and perspective.F.Simeonepdf
19.20GRIPS - the potential of a next generation gamma-ray surveyJ.Greinerpdf

Thursday September 9, 2010

08.15 Registration Opening

Emission of CR and gamma a clue to the understanding of CR sources
08.45Particle acceleration in astrophysical shocksP.Blasipdf
09.10Particle acceleration in compact sourcesP.Caraveopdf
09.35Gamma-ray, cosmic-ray and neutrino emission from astrophysical sourcesS.Razzaquepdf
10.00GALPROP for Gamma-rays and CR studiesI.Moskalenkopdf

10.25 Coffee Break

Gamma-ray Galactic Sources
10.50Gamma-ray binaries: microquasars and binary pulsar systemsJ.Paredespdf
11.15Gamma-ray pulsars in the Fermi LAT eraP.SazParkinsonpdf
11.40Discovery of a GeV blazar shining through the Galactic planeR.Buehlerpdf
11.55Fermi-LAT Discovery of Gamma-ray Emission Concurrent with the Nova in the Symbiotic Binary V407T.Cheungpdf
12.10High Energy Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind NebulaeF.Giordanopdf

12.35 Lunch Break

Gamma-ray Galactic Sources -- Parallel Session
14.00AGILE observations of variable and transient gamma-ray sources in the Galactic PlaneF.Longopdf
14.15Recent results on HESS J1632-478: an energetic relicM.Balbopdf
14.30The interstellar environment in the outer Galaxy as seen in gamma rays by FermiL.Tibaldopdf
14.45The gamma-ray pulsar in the Gamma Cygni supernovaM.Razzanopdf
15.00Local Gamma Ray SourcesE.Orlandopdf
15.25AGILE observation of Terrestrial Gamma-ray FlashesM.Marisaldipdf
15.50Fermi GBM Observations of Terrestrial Gamma FlashesC.Wilsonpdf

16.05 Coffe Break

Cosmic Ray Electrons
16.25Electron Spectrum measured by PAMELAG.Jersepdf
16.50Electron Spectrum and Anisotropies searchN.Mazziottapdf
17.15PSR and SNR as CR sourcesC.Evolipdf
17.40Electrons and Dark MatterS.Profumopdf
New Experiments
18.30Detecting gamma-ray polarization with the Fermi-LATR.Buehlerpdf
18.45Impact of GRIPS on current issues in HE astrophysicsO.Tibollapdf
19.00Broad band study of GRB prompt emission and all-sky X-ray monitoring with MIRAXL.Amatipdf

20.30 Social Dinner

Gamma-ray Extragalactic sources -- Parallel Session
14.00Gamma-ray flares from red giant/jet interactions in AGNM.Barkovpdf
14.15Cosmic Rays in Clusters of Galaxies from Gamma-ray and Radio ObservationsT.Jeltemapdf
14.30Angular, spectral, and time distributions of highest energy protons and associated secondary gamma-rays and neutrinos propagating through extragalactic magnetic and radiation fieldsA.Prosekinpdf
14.45GeV Observations of Star-forming Galaxies with the Fermi-LATK.Bechtolpdf
15.00Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope observations of recent gamma-ray outbursts of 3C 454.3L.Escandepdf
15.15Observations of AGN with AGILEV.Vittorinipdf
15.30Constraining blazar distance with Fermi and TeVE.Prandinipdf
15.45Observations of GRB with the Large Area Telescope: what we have learnedE.Morettipdf

16.00 Coffee Break

20.30 Social Dinner

Friday September 10, 2010

08.15 Registration Opening

Gamma-ray Extragalactic sources
08.45High energy emission from Gamma Ray BurstsD.Guettapdf
09.10High energy emission from Active Galactic NucleiL.Maraschipdf
09.35Flaring Active Galactic NucleiF.D'Ammandopdf
10.00Misaligned AGN with Fermi-LAT: A different perspective on relativistic jets.G.Miglioripdf
10.25High energy emission from Star Forming GalaxiesM.Persicpdf

10.50 Coffee Break

11.15EBL and ground based telescopesM.Rauepdf
11.40Fermi measurements on EBLL.Reyespdf
12.05Cosmological Background Radiation and Extragalactic Gamma-ray OpacityR.Gilmorepdf
12.20On the origin of very hard spectra of TeV blazarsF.Aharonianpdf

12.35 Lunch Break

Dark Matter
14.00The problem of DM searchesP.Ulliopdf
14.25Constraining Decaying Dark Matter with FERMI LAT gamma-raysL.Maccionepdf
14.50Dark Matter Search with Fermi: spectral analysis of Unassociated SourcesE.Bonamentepdf
15.15Galactic CenterA.Morsellipdf
15.40Not only time-delays. Ultra-high energy gamma-rays as probes of Quantum Gravity scenarios.L.Maccionepdf

15.55 Coffee Break

New Experiments
16.20The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)C.Medinapdf
16.45High Altitude Water Cerenkov (HAWC) observatoryG.Sinnispdf
17.10Cosmic Ray Cherenkov and Fluorescence Imaging: Photosensors and Data Acquisition Systems for a New Generation of Focal PlanesP.Rodriguespdf
17.50Concluding remarksF.Longopdf


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