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SciNeGHE 2001
8th Workshop on Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-ray Experiments
Data Analysis Tutorial
Trieste, 2010, September 6 - 7

Data Analysis Tutorial

The 8th edition of the Scineghe workshop will be preceded by a two days tutorial on astroparticle experiments analysis methods.

The tutorial and the workshop are a unique opportunity for young students entering in the new field of astroparticle physics to learn the state of the art of current experiments and scientific results in this fascinating field.

The tutorial and the workshop will constitute the 2010 course of the International School of Space Science (ISSS) organized by the Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Fisica Spaziale (C.I.F.S.), which is collaborating with INFN Trieste in the organization of the tutorial.

The tutorial on data analysis will include these topics:

  1. Simulation tools: introduction to the Geant4 toolkit.
  2. Analysis methods: introduction to ROOT and IDL analysis packages.
  3. High level analysis methods: introduction to scripting languages (eg. Python), FITSIO library, introduction to AstroROOT.
  4. SW for astroparticle methods: introduction to GalProp for gamma-ray and CR experiments.
  5. Introduction to the Fermi data analysis environment.

The workshop will present the status of the major experiments on astroparticle physics and their main results on galactic and extragalactic sources. The connection among gamma, cr and neutrino emission from high energy sources will be analysed in detail.

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