SciNeGHE 2001
8th Workshop on Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-ray Experiments
Gamma-ray Astrophysics in the Multimessenger context
Trieste, 2010, September 8 -10


  • Introduction to the current status of gamma-ray, cosmic ray, neutrino and gravitational wave operating experiments
  • Discussion on new experiments development and goals
  • Particle acceleration mechanisms in astrophysical sources
  • Discussion on emission mechanisms (Gamma, Neutrinos, GW)
  • Paths to the identification of astrophysical sources
  • Galactic Sources (SNR, PWN, Pulsars, Microquasars, Binaries)
  • The Galactic diffuse emission
  • Local sources (The Sun and the Moon, TGF)
  • Extragalactic sources (GRB, AGN, Galaxy clusters and other extragalactic sources)
  • The Extragalactic background
  • Dark matter and new Physics
  • The future of astroparticle experiments.

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